Dylan Kenny

Expert Male - age 10

Tonn Haydon


Tonn lives for riding bikes and travelling.  Each year he spends a few months backpacking and racing wherever a track can be found.

At 195cm (approx 6' 5") tall he is probably one of the tallest BMX riders you will come across!

In 2017, Tonn was placed 6th in the Australian National Series and was the overall winner of the Victoria State Series.

Dylan rides for the Sunbury club and has set his BMX ambitions high , as he wants to represent Australia in the Olympics!

His immediate goal is to become no 1 in his class for 2018.

Dylan is interested in motocross and mountain bikes and wants to try some downhill racing.

Dylan is very excited to be part of the Twisted Concepts SCR team and is looking forward to his first season with the team.

Dylan Kenny

Tonn Haydon

Elite Male 

Mitchell started racing in 2016 and

loves anything that has wheels and go fast.

His favourite riders are Nathan Glab and Brandon Tehiko.

Away from BMX, Mitchell enjoys 4-wheel driving, camping, fishing and the outdoors.

Damon is a member of the Ballarat Sebastopol BMX Club and competed as a novice in 2016, where he was 1st in class.

Damon is a huge fan of Nathan Glab and Connor Fields and has managed to sneak a ride on a Nathan Glab BMX bike!

Away from BMX, Damon likes flying drones, track and field events and going to the skate park.  His ambition is to do a sky dive!

Shallan is older sister to Damon and rides for Ballarat Sebastopol BMX Club.  In 2017, she achieved 4th in the Superclass and 3rd in the Victoria State Series (Girls age 14 class).  For 2018, she hopes to make the top 8 in Superclass at the Victoria state titles.

When she isn't BMXing, Shallan is interested in photography and likes camping.  Longer term, Shallan hopes to be a Paramedic.

Ben is a member of the Sunbury BMX Club, who rode as a small child, achieving both State & Australian titles.  Now a father of two, Ben has encouraged his own children to take up BMX, so it is a family interest.

Ben has been instrumental in setting up Twisted Concepts SCR Australia and has been working very hard behind the scenes to get the team ready to race.

Ben Simmonds

Expert Male - age 30-34

Shallan Pompe

Superclass & Female - age 15

Damon Pompe

Expert Male - age 13

Mitchell Ord

Expert Male - age 17-24 

2018 will be Hunter's first year racing where he can achieve a ranking, so his ambition for this year is to consistently reach finals at each open and make it to the podium.

Hunter is interested in visiting new places and new BMX tracks, playing down ball, building bikes and playing Lego.

Hunter wants to take this opportunity to learn from his team mates and improve his own riding.

Penny is our youngest team member who will have to wait until she is 8 years old to get a ranking!

Penny's goals for 2018 are to race at a lot of different tracks and win lots of trophies, while having some fun, but her main ambition is to beat her brother on the track!

Away from BMX, Penny likes playing with her Barbie dolls, playing pretend café, trying different foods and going on planes.  She also wants to try surfing standing up.

Penny Simmonds

Sprocket Rocket - 5 & Under

Hunter Simmonds

Expert Male - age 8

Fergus Wiggins

Expert Male - age 8

Fergus began racing when he was 5.


His local track is Frankston Sharks in the South east of Melbourne. 

Fergus would love to ride at the Olympics and being born in NZ but living in Australia with British parents, he has three choices of who to represent!


Fergus trains hard and loves to win and is looking forward to learning lots from other very experienced Twisted Concepts team members.


When he is not on a BMX you will find him on a mountain bike or on his scooter!

Robie began racing when he was a teenager, but never took it too seriously.  However, about 5 years ago, Robie's son suggested he have a go, and Robie was soon addicted to racing.

Robie has always felt that individual sports would suit him better and feels BMX is the best he has tried.  He says he would like to be the best he can but set a good example along the way.

Robie feels that BMX has allowed him to meet many interesting people, not only in Australia, but around the world.

Robie Cropper

Masters 30+/45-49 Cruiser


Northamptonshire, England



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