Since it's launch in 2016, the Twisted Concepts BMX brand has grown on and off the track.

We aim to bring you the best products we can and products that we believe in. 


For us, our customers always come first, and customer satisfaction is high on our agenda, which is why we want to go that extra mile to bring you the very best of everything.


SCR is based in Southern California and is owned by Sal Correa, a legendary frame builder, with over 40 years experience. 


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Onyx hubs transfer power from your pedals to your rear bike wheel instantly for faster acceleration and more control. Hybrid ceramic bearings reduce front and rear wheel rolling resistance to the point of disbelief. The patented sprag clutch design removes the play and clickety–clack of pawls against teeth in the rear hub to silence your coasting.

Twisted Concepts BMX is proud to be the official European Service and Warranty provider


Northamptonshire, England

Email:  twistedconcepts@outlook.com


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