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Aluminium Lightweight BMX race bars with supporting X brace.

Used and trusted by many top pros including World Champion Liam Phillips.

Borrowing technology from our championship winning motocross handlebars, we have designed and developed this BMX racing handlebar to offer the ultimate combination of lightness, strength and durability.

Our Moto BMX handlebars feature a unique, all aluminium, modular construction. Using aluminium tubing with our patented, bolt-on (rather than welded) cross brace we are able to retain a full strength handlebar with a hugely significant weight saving over welded steel bars.

In the super competitive world of BMX racing, every gram and every millisecond counts. So grab the Renthal Moto and the advantage over the competition.


Rise : 190mm
Back Sweep : 12 Deg
Up Sweep : 2 Deg
Sweep : 42mm
Width : 711mm
Weight : 611g

Moto20 XL
Rise : 210mm
Back Sweep : 12 Deg
Up Sweep : 2 Deg
Sweep : 44mm
Width : 736mm
Weight : 638g

Rise : 140mm
Back Sweep : 12 Deg
Up Sweep : 1 Deg
Sweep : 39mm
Width : 699mm
Weight : 547g

Moto bar BMX

Moto 20” bar
Moto 20” Xl
Moto 24”bar