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A - Hub centre to flange centre, non-drive side, 23mm

B - Hub centre to flange centre, drive side, 35.5mm

C - Axle width, 110mm

Spoke Hole Circle Diameter, Drive side, 57mm

Spoke Hole Circle Diameter, Non-Drive side, 57mm

Spoke Hole Counts available - 28/32/36


All hubs will come standard with black axles, endcaps and widgets.

Clear will be available on request AT TIME OF ORDER.


Colour kits will be available separately. This applies to Blue, Green, Gold, Orange, Purple and Red Anodised axles, endcaps and widgets

MTB Boost RS-1 CL-110/15mm Thru-bolt Front

SKU: 087565
Hub Shell Colour
Spoke Count
Widgets Colour